A Simple Way To Develop Compassion

Compassion is connection. It’s building a foundation of care within yourself and for yourself that you can extend to others.

A simple way to begin developing compassion is to think back to a time that you experienced the feeling of being loved, cared for, appreciated or encouraged. Close your eyes and allow those feelings come back to you. As they well up within you, recognize them. Say “this is caring”, “this is love”, “this is encouragement”. Use them to start building yourself a foundation of compassion. Take a few minutes each day and allow this to become one of your regular practices.

The more you practice the more aware you will become and the more often you will be able to recognize compassion in your present moment experience. As you develop the capacity to care for yourself, within yourself, it will become easier to care for others.

We’ve all have a seed of compassion thats been planted within us. Even if we’ve grown up or gone through a life that seemed to be full of hatred, anger and tension. As a child before we could care for ourselves, someone had to care for us. If you have trouble bringing to mind moments in your life where you felt loved, imagine the amount of care that must have been given to you as an infant. For you to survive and grow you were protected, your were fed and you were kept warm. We all have potential to build compassion within ourselves, we just have to water the seed.

Do yourself a favor and take 3 minutes right now (just 3 minutes) and close your eyes to practice this exercise. Starting today, make a promise to see yourself in a compassionate way.

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