Afraid of Love

When love rises to the surface, you deny it. It’s the exact opposite of your opinion of yourself. It’s a threat to everything you think you know about who you are. If you accept this love, you’ll have to let go of the “self” that you’ve so meticulously created. The unworthy self, the guilty self, the pessimistic self. Subconsciously, It’s a terrifying thought. You’re afraid of your heart.

But just hold the fear in your hands and let it melt. Allow it to be, without drowning in it. As it runs through your fingers, feel your demeaning thoughts fade. Your mind will become empty, allowing you to feel the soothing warmth of your heart. The heart from your childhood, when you lived as love, and scraped knees were memories without ties.

Behind your fear is everything you’ve ever wanted. Look closely and free yourself from unease. It doesn’t take strenuous effort, it just takes awareness and attention. Your heart is your home. The love around you is only a guiding force to help you recognize that the source of love is within. Accept what is and don’t be afraid, what you’re feeling is what we all feel. You’re deserving of love too.

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