All The Things We “Have to Do”

When we “have to” to do things, it can bring a lot of anxiety into our lives. Sometimes the things we think we have to do aren’t always needed. We also cycle through the same tasks in our head over and over. Yes, today you have to eat, drink, use the bathroom and sleep, but those are just about the only requirements. If you feel that you really do have certain obligations that must be handled, take care of them in a calm manner.  Throwing in the words “take care” can adjust the way our mind and attitude approaches each task. You can almost see and feel the difference. “I have to pay bills” vs “I have to take care of bills”.  Try using words that are more open and experiment with how they make you feel.

For the things you really must take care of, try not rush through them. Use them as a way to create peace, tranquility and calmness by doing them mindfully. Implement genuine care into your “doing”. Try to act in a way that brings joy, even when it’s not an enjoyable task. When paying a bill for example, bring to mind the blessing of funds that are available to you in order to pay that bill, rather than focusing on of all the other things you can’t afford.

Practice emptying your heart. You need space within your heart in order to be free. Limit the projects and ambitions you have and welcome more space. Space will bring you the happiness that you imagined the projects, ambitions and desires would bring you. It’s a much deeper kind of happiness. Just look at how beautiful space can be.

“Breathing in I see myself as space, breathing out I feel free.”
– Thich Nhat Hanh

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