Before You Think About Happiness

Embrace it.

The other day I got some good news. My girlfriend and I got approved to move into a new place. I read the email while standing in the grass with the dogs. I looked up at the sky and felt happiness. A lightness came over me and my shoulders released. I was completely aware of what happiness was. I had forgotten the reason I was even happy. It was just me, the sky, the dogs, the trees and the sun. I was enjoying spending time with it all. It felt so simple.

Then I started to think. I really wanted to share the news. It wasn’t until after I had already gotten lost in thought that I realized the happiness shifted. By the time I noticed I was thinking, the feeling was nearly gone. I was pulled away from the present. I got caught up in the story and ignored my emotions. I tried to take a moment to clear my mind and draw the happiness back, but it wasn’t the same.

There’s something about getting things accomplished that feels good and it’s natural to want to share that joy with others. Sharing isn’t the issue. The issue is when we rush into thinking rather than embracing the moment itself. Everything is temporary, including happiness. While it’s here, let’s welcome it like we would a guest in our home. Let’s give it our full attention and spend time with it. Then we can allow it to leave on its own accord. Thinking is like rushing the guests out of the house before the party even starts.

Try to explore what it feels like to be happy. Next time you feel happiness, give yourself a second. Allow it to nourish you. Appreciate the feeling itself. Things change quickly, why not take a moment to pause? The opportunity to think will always be there. Give it a rest.

Your happiness is in your hands. Pay attention. Don’t be so quick to hand it over to your thinking mind. Cherish it

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