Breathe Your Stress Away

I don’t want to be the one that picks up the pieces.

But sometimes I get stuck in that position.

The other day my manager asked me to finish 3 projects by the end of the day.

Fun stuff. I don’t know, maybe he felt pressured too.

Why else would someone ask for something that was so unreasonable? Quality can’t be rushed.

As I worked, I noticed my body was tightening up and my breathing kept getting shorter. I didn’t want to do it.

I was suffocating in my thoughts.

This is crazy. Things shouldn’t be this way. I want to leave this place.  

I had to stop, step away and catch my breath.

Then my mind and body started to relax. I could feel myself loosening up.

My breathing was telling me to care less and think less.

I realized that all I could do was give my best effort. The results weren’t that important.

If I screwed up, missed the deadline or looked bad, it didn’t matter. It would’ve been embarrassing for a moment, then it would have passed. Life goes on.

Being defined as the one who “always comes through” comes with a lot of expectations. I don’t like expectations. There’s too much room for disappointment.

In stressful moments it’s easy to lose ourselves.

We get tied up in ideas about our reputation and who we think we are.

We’re afraid that it all might come crashing down.

But none of it is real. It’s all imagination. It’s all just a prediction. And none of us are that great at predicting the future.

We have to come back to our bodies and let our breathing be our home base.

Let each breath be a reminder that life is too serious to take serious.

Let each exhale soften you in hard times.

Notice when you’re tight and just breathe.

Notice when you’re thinking too much and just breathe.

Nothing is worth losing your peace of mind.

Breathing is the doorway to relief.

Just breathe and be here now. There’s nowhere else to be.

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