Ceasefire, Your War is Over

No one dies in this war. Just heavy hearts and lost minds. Looking for relief, you pass it to me. Trying to lessen the load, I continue the cycle. The further it spreads the darker it gets. Nothing gets fixed by breaking.

Imagine if everyone put down their weapons. How much hurt could be avoided. If you want freedom let go of whats keeping you caged. You have the key.

Don’t let your intensity fool you. Step backward before you move forward. Your actions are more useful if you shed your frustration first. Clarity is your best vantage point. Sit with what you are carrying and let it be as it is. Let it pass on its own. Stop preparing for war and settle your heart. Your anger won’t miss you. The darkness is only your shadow, turn around the sun is shining.

You just want to be happy, I know, me too.

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