Change Your Mind About Change

I saw a lonely tree starting to lose its leaves.

Each gust of wind tugged another leaf loose from its summer home.

As I watched the leaves fall, I thought to myself, the seasons are changing.

I flinched at the thought of winter.

What is change? Maybe this tree had more to say.

I wanted to know what happens to trees in autumn, so I did some research.

The two things that I found most interesting were:

  1. Trees lose leaves to preserve energy before the harsh weather.
  2. When they shed leaves, they pull nutrients from each one of the leaves and store it until next spring.
This tree was asking me to look at change in a new light. In its own way, it was showing me that letting go is what feeds us and prepares us for the next moment.

Really change is just a continuation. It’s a shift that uses what’s old to make room for something new.

And as sad I am to see summer slip away, I feel better knowing that it isn’t far. It’s still here somewhere, waiting patiently for its moment to shine again.

Life is a journey that allows us to continually begin again. And change is the thread that connects all of our new beginnings.

Our minds change, our bodies change, our feelings change. It’s part of being alive.

Change is much easier if we remember each passing moment without wishing moments never passed.

I’m most resistant to change when I try to imagine how things will turn out. Because I imagine things will only get worse.

But we don’t have to imagine the how. We can simply understand that things will change and leave it at that. Nothing more is needed.

Change is our chance to both let go and open up to new growth. Just like the tree.

If we tend to our fear of change with love, laughter and tears, even the hardest things will become softer.

Just smile and surrender to what’s happened, what’s here and what’s coming.

It’s all been designed so perfectly.

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