Do Things That Might Not Work

Details, details, details. Getting caught up in the details and doing nothing, thats my approach 80% of the time. It’s not effective. And since most chances, risks, and opportunities incorporate a lot of unknown circumstances, most chances, risks and opportunities are ignored.

I need to stop ignoring. Why? Because doing things that might not work, works out. And how do I know this? Because I’ve seen the evidence within my own life and I’m sure you have too if you step back and take a look. Everything that i’ve done that I thought wouldn’t work, has taught me an insurmountable amount about myself. Whether I’ve deemed them successes or failures, it doesn’t matter. They’ve been essential stepping stones in my life. What more can we ask for? With each uncertain action, I move closer and closer to my heart. Closer and closer  to the things that are more meaningful to ME. The more and more I experience this, the more the 80% drops to 70%, then 60%, then 50% and so on.

You’ll never begin to choose yourself until you stop only doing the things you know will work. You know working a job you don’t like will provide you with income. You know bending to the demands of your boss will get you the promotion. But how many of those things you know will work, actually bring you joy? Why not try a few things that you think might not work? The only reason you think they won’t work is because you haven’t given yourself the permission to try them!

So, how does one make the transition from doing nothing to doing something? Ask yourself one thing: does this have the potential to bring joy to myself and others? If the answer is yes, take action. This doesn’t mean jump on every single idea that comes to mind. If you do, you’ll get burned out. Try things that you believe will bring lasting joy to your life, to the life of those around you and potentially to the world. Feel around in yourself for something deeper. Seeing positive potential can provide you with the fuel you need to take action.

Start paying attention. Start becoming mindful. When those thoughts and feelings arise that tell you not to do things, take a closer look at them. Become curious and ask yourself  “what does this mean?”. Is being caught in emotions and thoughts useful? Reevaluate things from a distance. As you become aware you will see the fraudulence in fear and doubt and overtime, taking leaps of faith will become second nature for you.

Act rightly, act kindly, act lovingly. Be true to who you are and you can’t go wrong. Mistakes are just the shadows between the streetlights and its only within those shadows that we are able to truly recognize the light. I still struggle through this, but it’s ok, its all part of the path. Let your awareness gently guide you.

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