Don’t Get Over It, Just Go Through It

I never looked in the mirror and said it out loud, but I was basically trying to force myself to get over it. I left my job to work full time on my own business. There was only one problem, my heart wasn’t in it. I wanted to make money and build something on my own, rather than pursue what I felt was close to my heart. Six months later I decided to go back to my old job and reevaluate my life.

Through the entire process, I never allowed myself the time to experience the fear, regret, frustration and guilt. I just wanted to get over it and move on. I thought getting over it would be more beneficial than actually facing the emotional whirlwind. Or maybe I felt better ignoring the fact that I had experienced what most would consider “failure“.

Since then, I’ve realized that getting over stuff never works. Life is like a puzzle and each experience is its own unique piece. You can’t see the entire picture without all the pieces. If we leave out the experiences we identify as negative or bad, then we never see the full picture. Together the negative and positive experiences are what makes us whole.

Thats why I’ve given up trying to get over things. Going through something is much more valuable. When we go through something, we come out on the other side with more wisdom. Wisdom that we can use to help free ourselves from the source of our stress and anxieties. When we force ourselves to get over things, we try to skip over our negative experiences without acknowledging our feelings and therefore getting nothing out of it. That leaves us vulnerable to running into the same challenges over and over, suppressing emotions that will sooner or later find their way out.

Emotions have gotten a bad wrap, let’s cherish them for all the lessons that they bring rather than treating them like a nuisance.

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