Don’t Waste Your Inspiration

Every time I sit down to write it’s like trying to push a boulder uphill. The amount of effort it takes to sit still and jot some words down is enormous.

Once in a while though, an idea will come that seems to write itself. Out of nowhere, a spark lights the fire.

When I first started getting these spurts of inspiration, I use to write a couple paragraphs, then get up. The energy that filled me felt like it should be spent on something else.

But then I realized that inspiration doesn’t last. It has to be taken advantage of otherwise it disappears.

We’ve all seen the movie, Forrest Gump. Remember the scene where 3 kids start throwing rocks at Forrest and his crush, Jenny, famously yells “run Forrest run”? Well, that’s what we need to do when we feel inspired. Run with it so that we can create something worth celebrating.

We’re Forrest. Constantly getting hit in the head with rocks until we finally decide to do something about it. If we’re willing to push ourselves through the resistance, we can channel our inspiration and accomplish great things.

When the wind is at your back, use it. Ignore your distractions and chase your dreams.

Don’t let your inspiration go to waste.

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