Embracing Possibilites

We’re laser focused on negative outcomes.

It’s our defense mechanism. It’s how we attempt to protect ourselves from life’s hard parts.

But our obsession with all the ways that things go wrong is what brings stress to our front doorstep.

We have to be mindful about our approach because sometimes we forget that things can go right.

Every moment is an opportunity to struggle or make peace.

Things will always come up, it’s part of life. And we can either resist it or accept it.

Planning with resistance in our hearts creates tension. Planning with openness creates freedom.

When we’re open we’re able to see both sides of the coin. We’re able to understand that even if things go wrong, it’s not all that there is.

Life isn’t just your problems, your troubles or your challenges. It’s that plus so much more.

If we embrace the possibilities that life holds for us, we can come to terms with our situation. We can feel more whole and less singled out.

Truly preparing for troubled times requires inner work. The type of work that allows us to find clarity when life gets tricky.

Be mindful as you navigate through your life.

Notice how you approach things. Are you generating stress or are you being conscious not to create it when it’s unnecessary?

Things can go right or wrong, and as we progress, we can learn to address both more wisely.

Life is full of possibilities, both good and bad and the contrast is what brings beauty to the surface. It’s what feeds our hearts, builds compassion and encourages us to love.

If we search for problems, it’s all we’ll ever find. Let go of your expectations and allow for something new to come to light. It’s what you need to feel free.

Be a child again, see what they see.

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