What You Enjoy Leads To What You Love

We forget all about the simple things we use to love. We’re too busy. Our “circumstances” won’t allow it.

But it isn’t true. We’re fooling ourselves. We’ve become so closed down that we can’t see past our doubts and fears.

Because beyond there, we’d see the importance of doing the things we truly enjoy. We’d see that we need to ease up on ourselves. We would understand that we need to experience happiness if we want to find peace in our lives.

Our situations are all the same. Don’t lose yourself in the details.

We’re all afraid to look past the problems that seem detrimental. But we have to be wise, step back and reflect on our actions. Are they useful? Are they getting us the results we need? Or are we digging ourselves deeper and deeper into a hole?

Do we have to spend all of our waking hours obsessing over our problems?

We can’t continue to separate ourselves from ourselves. And we can’t continue to shelter ourselves from the world.

Take baby steps and start letting go of your resistance.

Do something you enjoy and allow it to open your eyes. Give yourself a hand by breaking up the monotony and doing things that make you laugh and smile.

Try it out. Judgement free and care free. Just get back into the swing of things and see how it feels to have fun again.

Stay light and fresh. Don’t turn this into just another thing to struggle with.

Sometimes cherishing life is about appreciating and caring for yourself. And there should be a portion of your time that you spend doing the things that bring you joy.

Plan something. Do something. All that stressing isn’t getting you anywhere.

Happiness is what generates the warmth you need to thaw your heart. That’s how you find your way back to what you love.

Then in the face of all your doubts and fears, you’ll stay relaxed because your heart will be full of space and compassion for both yourself and your circumstances.

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