Finding Your Rightness Through Meditation

Rightness is a point of reference within us. It’s something that we all have the ability tune into. It’s a foundation from where we can feel the world and make decisions on what works and doesn’t work, for us. The key is feeling our way into things rather than thinking.

It’s free from our beliefs, our stories, and opinions. Rightness is separate from “being right”. It comes from a deeper place, where we can work with the world with a non-judgmental approach.

An effective way to tune into rightness is through meditation practice. Through continued practice, one begins to develop a sense of clarity. As distractions dissolve, seeing your own truth of what is acceptable and unacceptable becomes easier. You’re no longer trapped in the ideas of what you should or shouldn’t do. You’ve moved beyond restlessly thinking about right and wrong and you are able to feel your way through things.

I’d encourage you to begin your own meditation practice. Here’s a good place to start. As you feel your way through, you may want to dip your feet into other practices as well. Do what’s best for you. Things like yoga, mindful walking or being unconditionally present for your child or partner. With effort, everything can be a practice. Everything can be a form of meditation. If your awareness is here and now, all of your practices are likely to compliment each other.

As you continue on this journey, your inner rightness will begin to well up from within. This is by no means a quick fix, be patient. It’s worth it.

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