Happy Independence Day

Everyone loves fireworks. Except for my dog Dez.

He’s not enjoying the never ending display of explosions happening in the neighborhood.

He’s never had a problem with fireworks in the past, but that changed this year. Our neighbor got the good stuff. No sparklers or confetti poppers around here.

We all know what happens when amateurs get their hands on the stuff meant for pros. They screw things up. We’ve all see the videos. And that’s exactly what happened Friday night.

Paying more attention to his son than the firework he was trying to light, the neighbor knocked over a rocket and it exploded on the road instead of the sky. It lit the house up like a Christmas tree. Miraculously no one got hurt. It just left a few egos bruised.

Dez being the nice little guy he is, likes to watch people through the window. Well, he wasn’t exactly prepared to see (and feel) an explosion. He spent the rest of the night huddled up against the wall, nervously panting.

Eventually, he was able to fall asleep, but I was worried that he was going to be freaked out the next morning. To my surprise, when we got up it was like nothing had happened.

We went for a walk and he was back to his curious self. Playing and shredding his toys as usual.

In my head, I imagined he might be angry or afraid. Maybe he’d wake up, open the curtain and flip the neighbors the bird when he saw them. Of course, I was wrong.

He had moved on.

Animals have to put up with a lot of nonsense from us “sophisticated” human beings. I think we’re the real nuisance. Not the other way around.

Being able to move on and let go is one hell of a trait.

Approaching the future through our past leads to misunderstanding and turmoil. It’s a waste of time. If we could simply learn what nature already knows, we’d be better off. Our relationships with each other would undoubtedly improve.

To me, that’s what independence day is about. Freedom from our self-centered way of living and believing that we can stand together, united.

No matter our differences and the pain that we sometimes cause each other.

We all just want to be free.

Happy 4th of July.

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