Hurry Up and Get Lost

“So, if in doubt about the next step, just listen. And if still in doubt, wait. When it’s time to move, you’ll know”

-Ram Dass

Rushing the spiritual process only leads to obscurity. We then become lost which encourages us to strengthen our search efforts. It becomes a cycle of paddling faster only to become further adrift. It is not until we slow down, relax and trust the process itself, do we find our way.

A reoccurring theme in my life has been a constant realization of how different our journeys are, but how similar the destination is. It’s almost like we are all looking in the same direction, just with different perspectives of what we see and how to get there. We have to trust the messages coming from our hearts, not from the comparisons and rationale of our thinking mind.

Try not to be so realistic with yourself. Practicality can often damage an open heart and diminish a spacious mind. Loosen the reins of direction that you’ve placed upon yourself. Walk slowly, one step at a time. Pause and listen, and don’t be afraid to stop and enjoy what you see through the stillness. In that moment, you’ll likely find your bearings and be back on course.

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