Melting in The Sun

Like snow in the sun, our soft surface melts in the heat of unpleasant experiences. As the heat retreats and the temperature settles, we like the snow, freeze over and become solid. Not rigid, but grounded. Allowing things to glide across our surface and remaining smooth to the touch. Now ice,  the next time the heat hits our surface, we are more resistant to melting. We give way in slow drips, rather than suddenly vanishing.

Accept your experience for what it is. Find the gift in you’re suffering. Don’t wish it upon yourself, but free yourself from it by seeing it diferently. See that you too like nature have made the best of what was given. What has been given is what has fed you up to this point. You have grown from your suffering. You too are as beautiful as the lotus flowers that grows from the mud. Take a second, not too long, to look back and recognize what your suffering has brought you.

Suffering can be a heavy word, but let go of your definitions. Its our definition of suffering that carries all the weight. Put down your judgements and experience your challenges through new eyes. Things won’t seem so daunting and when something does arise that demands your attention, you will be calmly prepared. May you thaw, slowly.

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