Joy is Simple

I just got back from San Diego.

I didn’t really think about work while I was gone. I thought about writing, traveling and life in general.

It was relaxing.

But then came Monday morning, and all the things I went on vacation to leave behind, came rushing back to my mind.

How many emails are waiting? Did I forget to do something before I left? Is there a huge mess waiting for me?

Then I remembered back to the one and only job I loved. Working at a tire and service shop. I remember falling asleep and being excited that I had work the next day. I would daydream that maybe one day I’d own my own shop.

Sadly, that summer came to an end, I headed back to school and forgot all about how much fun I had.

Every once in a while, I think back and try to pinpoint what it was that made that job feel so perfect. I can’t seem to put my finger on it, but one thing that stands out is laughter.

Not to say that laughter is the key to a great job (or maybe it is). It seems that my approach was the key. The way I related to the job and my life is what allowed me to both laugh and work.

Back then, I never thought twice about it. I wasn’t trying to figure out how to make the most money or searching for the greatest job. I just found something I enjoyed, applied myself and ran with it. I kept it simple.

And I think that’s what’s vital for many of us if we want to find joy in our work and in our lives. Simplifying our approach. Letting go of all the thoughts and reasons that get in our way.

Whether it’s trying something different or doing the same old thing, we can enter into each situation with a new set of eyes and less baggage.

No job is ever going to satisfy my demands, because I don’t want a job. I want to write. But right now, a 9 to 5 helps support what I love, so why not simplify by dropping the resistance and opening to the life that I’m currently living? It’ll all change at some point. Resisting won’t make change come any quicker.

Everything is temporary. There’s no need to get attached to our opinions on what’s happening. Life is much lighter when we see things just as they are and allow them to unfold.

Plans, perfection and demands may have their place, but simplicity is truly fulfilling.

Think of something simple that brings you joy and remember it next time life becomes complicated.

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