Just Forget About It

We think the world revolves around us. We really believe that everything should go our way. Even though we know better there seems to be this underlying idea that we’re in charge how things turn out.

I was driving home the other night in the rain and I hit traffic. I wanted to get home and relax, but reality said to wait.

We’re delusional sometimes. It causes a lot of unnecessary stress.

I decided that I’m going to start reminding myself to just forget about it. Whenever I can remember, I’m going to forget about my plans, forget about my demands, forget about my wants. Because they seem to be getting me into more trouble than they’re worth. Life’s lighter and more spontaneous without them and sometimes giving them up is a wise move.

I’m sick of running in a hamster wheel. I just wish we believed in the small stuff that could set us free, but for some reason, we doubt the power of simple persistence. We give up on ourselves too quickly and search for the big quick fix.

I pray we find a way to forget about all the things we wish for and spend more time embracing the way things are. We just might realize that what we want exists right here.

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