Lessons on 4 Legs

I found this picture of my grandparent’s dog, the late great Jazzy.

A stubborn Dachshund who’s grazing greater pastures in the sky.

I decided to convert the picture to black and white. It seemed to be a good fit.

Then as I looked closer, I noticed myself in the picture.

I saw my reflection in her eyes. It looks like I’m standing in the clouds.

She was just a little thing and I stood there, towering over her.

How could animals love us? We take their pictures, tease them, dress them up and put them on display.

And they always come back for more.

They’re professional forgivers.

I guess the torment doesn’t phase them.

Attention, love and affection is all they want.

Or maybe they’re hoping for a treat? I’m not sure.

It just seems to me that our pets have more love in their hearts for us, than we have for ourselves.

We’re constantly focusing on our faults and imperfections. We rarely treat ourselves with the kindness we deserve.

Our 4 legged friends teach us how to love and let go. They want us to give ourselves a treat.

How thoughtful.

Next time you’re feeling low, remember you’re as wonderful as the clouds.

My dog said so.

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