Listen To Your Heart, Not Your Head

I’m noticing a trend about that little voice in all of our heads — it’s wildly inaccurate. Mines always questioning things. In subtle ways, trying to convince me that nothing’s ever right.

But that voice is unrealistic. It’s not who we are.

If we look at the bigger picture, we’ll see that it’s just a small part of our lives and it doesn’t have to take the lead role. It’s our choice to make it the star or make it an extra.

We have to start listening to our hearts instead. Trusting our own inner hunch, even through uncertainty.

Because that’s what will lead us to truth. Not all the over-thinking and self-demeaning babble.

To touch and understand our own truths, we have to tune into our hearts. We can do this by loosening the reigns around how we think we should be and letting go of the ways that we constantly define ourselves.

My life shouldn’t be this way. I should have done this by now. I’m supposed to be successful.

It’s all too limiting. And when things aren’t what they are “supposed” to be, it just makes us feel worse.

Just sit quietly and let the thoughts fall away.

We can’t keep giving up on ourselves and running on autopilot. Beating ourselves up and wondering why we never feel joy.

We’re living in a world that’ss too rigid as it is. Clamping down even stronger is only going to cause more pipes to burst.

Try following your heart, even if you turn out to be wrong or make a mistake. It’s all part of you discovering you. Hold all of it in humor, don’t be too serious.

Maybe you are your greatest gift and maybe acknowledging, listening and understanding yourself can be your greatest healing.

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