Making Compassionate Choices

Life is confusing. We’re given a lot choices.

We think it’s our job to decide what’s right or wrong, what’s good or bad, what’s best or better. And of course, no one should dare choose differently.

If you’re not with me, you’re against me. Isn’t that what they say?

It’s easy to turn decision making into an “I” or “me” story. Which makes things personal and creates ways for us to separate ourselves from others.

But that’s all the ego. And deep down inside, we see the holes in our own theories. That’s why we hold them so tightly. We don’t want to create space between ourselves and our stories because if we did, their irrational nature would be too easy to see.

Life without the drama seems boring. I mean, what else would we do? Live together in harmony?

If we put in the effort to really understand others, it can help us see the truth. And seeing the truth can encourage us to feel compassionate toward others, the same way we wish others would feel compassionate towards us.

It’s within our reach. We just have to let go of our need to be right.

When we exclude people due to their opinions, it’s simply a misunderstanding. We’re just not seeing what they’re seeing. It’s not about right or wrong, it’s about understanding different point of views.

We have to open up to our wishes, the wishes of others and to the fact that those wishes may conflict with one another.

That way, we shut out nothing and no one. We’re able to find a way to work with all of it.

Partial compassion is embracing only the things we like. Complete compassion is embracing every peak and valley in our lives. That includes our relationships with others.

Be understanding of the way people think, feel and act. They’re no different than you, they’re just looking at the picture from a different place in the room.

We have more in common than we think.

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