Meeting Life Beyond The Model

Growing up I created a blueprint. It was an attempt to design my life. Then as I went along, I tried to model my life based off of my design.  A design that of course, I came up with based on what I thought I wanted or have been influenced to want. Now, I’ve decided to scrap the blueprint and start over with a sketch pad. I’d rather draw in my experience as I go. I’ve realized that behind my plans and designs are all the things that I’m truly reaching for.

If we keep life simple, we can meet it beyond the model, in a place where the possibilities are endless. Experience proves that our plans don’t always play out as we’d like. Life is fluid, it’s job is to erode away our model. The same way a stream flowing over rock, overtime creates a something as beautiful as a canyon. If we truly want to live beautifully, we have to let life work on us.

Meet your life right where it is at this very moment. If you’re looking for guidance then let go of your expectations. Meeting life beyond the model is about opening up and allowing for space. Space where answers can flow in and out freely. Space where things can happen, rather than be forced. Whatever is useful will be there and whatever is not will keep on flowing past.

Don’t impose so many restrictions on your life, just float freely through your experiences. And if you are going to make plans, hold them lightly.


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