No One To Be

When our bodies are exhausted and our minds are weary, sometimes we forget.

We forget who we think we are. Like a bird that walks through the grass, to find relief from flying. Or a fish that floats in the reef to take a break from swimming. We too, need a moment to rest, so that we can find comfort in being undefined.

And as we relax, we begin to recognize how painful it’s been, trying to be something we’re not. Then our opinions, fall away.

In that moment, we understand what being ourselves truly means.

It means that we never define who we think we are. We’re just being, without labeling who or what it is we should be. Because really, there’s no one to be.

Listen closely to your life, it may be calling you to surrender all of your hats.

And if being no one sounds difficult, it’s okay because emptying yourself of “you” is like polishing a mirror. It removes all the dust from the surface, so that whats below can once again shine through.

Your heart is below the dust. You don’t have to be afraid to let it guide you. You can put down all of your identities.

We’ve all been doing too much for too long. Let’s forget everything and become one with nothing.

A flower doesn’t know it’s a flower, but it still blooms every spring to share it’s beauty with the world. Nameless, all the way until its very last breath.

Be the flower, without being the flower. Your beauty has no title.

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