Nothing Lasts Forever

I took a classical music class once.

It was one of my first college courses. And it was at 8am.

After the first couple weeks, I stopped going. Except on test days. I barely passed that class.

Now on occasion, I listen to classical music. It’s ironic.

My drive down to SIUC brought back a bunch of memories.

It was like taking a trip through time.

Farmland for as far as the eye could see, turkey vultures circling in the sky, trucks driving at obnoxious speeds and the smell of roadkill in the air.

Everything was just like I remembered it.

Except for the anxiety. I had to give a presentation to students about an internship opportunity and I didn’t feel prepared.

The slideshow wasn’t complete. The whole trip was poorly planned and I thought we might look unprofessional.

But then a cloud reminded me not to take things so seriously.

It blocked the sunlight the same way these thoughts were blocking my clarity.

Then the sun broke through the clouds and I snapped out of it. I was back to enjoying the drive.

A simple lesson on how things pass. The good and the bad.

Before I knew it, I would be on my way back home. The presentation would be over, the interviews would be through and I would have new things to worry about.

Why continue to fuel the nervousness if it’s all going to change anyway?

Sometimes we get too focused. Our minds are adamant about contemplating the same things over and over.

The problem is that none of those things are permanent and we spend too much time living like they are.

But all it takes is a second to step back and realize it.

It’s easy to forget that our time here is limited. The sooner we remember, the better.

Spend your time wisely, nothing lasts forever.

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