The World Wants You Here

When you’ve hit the bottom, reach out your hand. It’s the touch of another human being that reminds you of your connectedness to the world. It brings you back to a place where you realize just how deeply woven together we all are. A hint to the fact that you don’t have to bare all of your burdens alone.

During our darkest hours we often shelter ourselves from the world, making the weight of our problems seem unbearable. But it’s ok to reach out for assistance. We can laugh and cry together. We are allowed to be here for each other. You are not alone, you are a part of this universe and the world wants you here.

Let the wall around you dissolve, it is never to late to start anew. When we walk beside one another, no one gets left behind. Let’s get through this together.


Hurry Up and Get Lost

“So, if in doubt about the next step, just listen. And if still in doubt, wait. When it’s time to move, you’ll know”

-Ram Dass

Rushing the spiritual process only leads to obscurity. We then become lost which encourages us to strengthen our search efforts. It becomes a cycle of paddling faster only to become further adrift. It is not until we slow down, relax and trust the process itself, do we find our way.

A reoccurring theme in my life has been a constant realization of how different our journeys are, but how similar the destination is. It’s almost like we are all looking in the same direction, just with different perspectives of what we see and how to get there. We have to trust the messages coming from our hearts, not from the comparisons and rationale of our thinking mind.

Try not to be so realistic with yourself. Practicality can often damage an open heart and diminish a spacious mind. Loosen the reins of direction that you’ve placed upon yourself. Walk slowly, one step at a time. Pause and listen, and don’t be afraid to stop and enjoy what you see through the stillness. In that moment, you’ll likely find your bearings and be back on course.

Freedom in Every Moment

Imagine yourself looking out of a window. You see what is there, but you’re still here, sitting in your chair. Your chair is this present moment. You’re trying not to lose yourself in the imagination of what you see outside. When you do get lost, you decide that it’s ok to dance for a moment, as long as you remember to come back to your chair. You’re learning to dance with life while still remembering your chair. You’ve realized that life is a balancing act, dancing and sitting, dancing and sitting. Over and over you dance and sit until, through a flicker of insight, you grasp that when you’re dancing you’re really still sitting. You’re beginning to find the present moment in every moment. You’ve found peace, you are free.

Reading Your Own Heart

“The spiritual journey is individual, highly personal. It can’t be organized or regulated. It isn’t true that everyone should follow one path. Listen to your own truth.”

                                                                                  – Ram Dass

A few weekends ago, my girlfriend and I decided to grab breakfast at one of our favorite spots downtown. Across the street from the restaurant, a new building was in the process of being built. Chicago is known for its architecture, so we always enjoy seeing new construction. As we walked down the sidewalk, I looked up and noticed a construction worker about 30 floors up, seemingly unphased that he was eye level with pigeons as they flew between buildings. I couldn’t spot any signs saying what the  building was going to be, so we headed in and ordered our food.

Afterwards, we strolled back to the car and drove around the corner to search for a sign. We finally found an advertisement, promoting “Mindful Rental Living”. I hopped on my phone later in the day and found that they plan to have a “meditation garden”, but other than that I didn’t find anything particularly mindful about the place. I’m no expert on mindfulness, but the point is, spirituality has become big business. Mindfulness is just one of the many spiritual buzzwords that have been absorbed by companies, thrown around in marketing departments and plastered on billboards.

For the individual in search for their own spiritual path, this can be troublesome. We get pulled in every direction and we start to search outside of ourselves for answers. Companies are experts in persuasion, so its up to us as individuals to truly be mindful and use our awareness to see what is really happening.

Take it from Ram Dass, our spiritual paths are uniquely personal. We must follow our own truths and read our own hearts to find peace. When our culture is based on consumerism, its hard to convince ourselves that we don’t have to solely rely on outside sources for answers.

Follow teachers or teachings that feel close to your heart. As you go through the experience of life and learning, pay close attention to what arises along the way. Outside sources can be very useful, but allow your inside source to be your supporting guide. Your inner guide is like the rudder of a boat. As you recognize what is useful and what isn’t, use your rudder to move toward usefulness and what feels true to you.

A wise teacher will tell you that his or her purpose is to teach you how to be your own teacher. So before you move on to trying something new, put down the books, turn off the TV, close your eyes, and read your heart.



Come Together, Love Together.

Love is understanding. It’s the warmth that inspires to bare the cold when it seems that there’s nothing left. Love can never be taken once we remember that it comes from within. Lets try and understand each other and reintroduce each other to the flame of love that already burns deep within each of our hearts. If we come together, we can burn as bright as the sun.