“A Dream Doesn’t Become Reality Through Magic”

I use to work at an auto shop that was in the parking lot of a shopping mall.

During the week, our favorite customers were elderly folks. They would come in, drop their cars off and walk over to the mall to do their daily laps.

9 times out of 10, their cars were fine. They just needed to be put through their paces. The technician would hop in a car, take it out on the highway, hit the gas a few times and everything would be back to normal. We would do a tune up and send them on their way.

They use to think that we worked some sort of magic because we’d be done so quick.

But it wasn’t magic at all. Continue reading

It’s Not Your Job To Fix Everything

I heard from the interns at my old job this week. One of them decided to quit and walked out.

Now there’s only one man left standing. He messaged me and mentioned that he’s trying to decide what to do.

It sounds like for now he’s going to stick it out and see if he can take advantage of the situation. Maybe ask for a better position or a little more pay. You know, play it by ear.

When I first heard the news, I jumped into “how can I help fix this” mode. But I caught myself, and instead of sharing what I thought would be best for him, I asked him what he thought he wanted to do. Continue reading

The Power Of Influence

Today’s my last day at my current job. Monday I’ll be starting somewhere new.

It’s been a frustrating situation, but sometimes that’s just how these things play out.

For the past few months, I’ve been working with two interns. And now they’ll be on their own without a lead.

I realized the other day that I almost failed them. I’ve been sharing too much information about what I feel is best for me without reminding them that it might not be what’s best for them. Continue reading

When To Throw In The Towel

Last week I was thinking a lot about inspiration. I even wrote about it.

But over the weekend, all that inspiration had me wondering when it was going to be time to wave the white flag. When exactly was I supposed to stop?

To tell you the truth, I couldn’t come up with a definite answer.   Continue reading

Don’t Waste Your Inspiration

Every time I sit down to write it’s like trying to push a boulder uphill. The amount of effort it takes to sit still and jot some words down is enormous.

Once in a while though, an idea will come that seems to write itself. Out of nowhere, a spark lights the fire.

When I first started getting these spurts of inspiration, I use to write a couple paragraphs, then get up. The energy that filled me felt like it should be spent on something else.

But then I realized that inspiration doesn’t last. It has to be taken advantage of otherwise it disappears. Continue reading