The World’s Worst Fortune Teller

Their use to be this cartoon on TV called Courage The Cowardly Dog. It was about a terrified old mutt who was constantly trying to protect his owners from scary creatures.

Even though he was afraid of everything, even his own reflection, he still went to great lengths to keep his owners, Muriel and Eustace, safe.

One of my favorite parts of the show was when Courage would see huge shadows of monsters on the wall, only to realize it was just Muriel walking into the room or a lamp shade.

Nothing was ever as bad as he imagined and things always turned out alright in the end. I watched a couple episodes the other night and I can relate to Courage.

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You Don’t Have To Do Anything

Modern day life is kind of like standing in a money booth. So many of the things we desire are within arms reach. Even the stuff we feel like we can’t reach isn’t beyond our capability of someday obtaining.

And it’s not only the material stuff. We want the intangibles too, like better relationships, better habits, less stress, more fun, etc. We want it all and there’s plenty of how-tos on how to get it.

I’m big in to cars, so I have a tendency to drive down the road, see a car I like and think, “I should get one of those”. It seems like an innocent enough thought.

Then I start to imagine what it would be like to drive one. Then I wonder how much it would cost me. Then I imagine ways I could earn more money to buy more cars. It’s a never ending story that leaves me feeling like I need more of something if I want to feel happy and content.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting, but we often forget that we don’t have to do anything with our desires. We can have them and take no action. Continue reading

This is Just a Little ReMINDer

Who thinks about work on a weekend? Let alone while cruising around Florida in a Corvette?

We had just gotten to our hotel and I snagged a parking spot right up front. As I climbed out of the driver’s seat, this pesky thought crept into my head.

Don’t forget you have work on Monday.

Well, of course I do but who cares. It’s 78 degrees, sunny and I’m 1,159 miles away from home!

I had to catch myself. I’ve been down that road before and I know that sometimes even the slightest rebuttal against thoughts is like taking the lid off of a fire ant farm.

Thankfully I was able to snap out of it and avoid the argument, with myself. I just let the thoughts be on their way. Continue reading

What Does The World Mean To You?

“Do you mind taking the lead on this?” He asked.

“What exactly are we talking about?” I replied.

“There’s a meeting about it 9 am, just stop by my office when you get a chance” He said.

Well, seeing as it was already 8:47 am, there wasn’t much time for discussion.

As I sat there, I started thinking about all the things I had to do and how this was just another thing to add to the list. I felt like giving up.

Then I remembered I have 2 dogs at home. I remembered that my car was parked outside and I could drive off. I remembered that my family lives close. I remembered that my girlfriend laughs at my jokes. I remember how much I like to write. I remembered a lot of things that reminded me that work wasn’t my whole life.

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Don’t Blow Your Fuse

I should be use to it by now. The last minute projects and unreasonable deadlines. But I’m not.

I’m getting better at caring less, which is nice. But unfortunately, I still have my moments of feeling overwhelmed.

You know when you try to power up too many things in your house and the circuit breaker trips? That’s essentially the same thing that happens to us when we’ve got too much on our plate. Tasks start to seem impossible, we feel swamped, we stress out and we snap.

The only difference is as human beings we can’t just flip a switch to bring the power back. Our minds are more like fuses, they pop and we have to start fresh.

We need time to recover. The problem is that most of us don’t give ourselves a moment to rest. Even when we “rest” we’re occupied by technology or entertainment. We keep pushing ourselves, forcing things and staying busy until our lives start to feel like quicksand. Everything we encounter makes us feel like we’re sinking deeper into an abyss of to-do lists. Continue reading