Paws In The Spring

The birds sing to the sun as it rises. It’s time.

Together we take our first steps of the morning. Thor looks up to share his excitement for spring. Dez is still young, learning each season for the first time. As the ground becomes soft and prepares for new growth, all three of us become eager to see something sprout. No rush. We’ll enjoy the cool breeze as winter says its goodbyes.

The ducks are back, swimming quickly, there’s lots of water to tread. They’re as happy to be home as I am to get out of my head. Moments like this touch the essence of life. Empty of opinion and full of simply being. I cherish these walks. A quiet mind is hard to achieve. It’s only when I let go of thought, that I feel the ground beneath my feet.

Without these two dogs, I’d probably still be asleep. Maybe dreaming of chaos, instead of walking in peace.

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  1. Missy

    That was wonderful Nick, thanks for sharing such great thoughts for us all to think about. The joy life brings seems so simple but yet we make it so hard to achieve hahah


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