Relax And Live Your Life Now

I spend a lot of time wishing I could change my environment. And when I don’t see things change quick enough or my plans fall through, I usually become bitter.

Then the resentment toward myself and my situation starts to bubble up.

But lately I’ve been asking myself, when we change our environment or our surroundings, how much do we really change?

Does finding the contentment we’re all looking for require more than just changing our environment?

I think it does.

Because when we change our surroundings, it’s usually only a temporary relief. And as soon as that new car smell wears off, we search for something different.

Changing our environment doesn’t free us from all the unskillful thinking and it’s only a matter of time before our old habits creep their way back into our lives.

And those old habits are the source of our struggle.

The proof is right in front of us. Why is it that we can hate our situation and look to the person next to us only to see that they’re joyful? They must be looking at the situation differently. So, is it about our environment or is it about how we relate to it?

What if we try accepting our present moment experience as part of our path? As something we can work with rather than something that’s permanent.

Because what if we get over the fence and realize that the grass isn’t any greener than where we started from? We might regret all the time we spent imagining a better future instead of enjoying the wonderful aspects of simply being alive.

Try to relax around what’s here.

Give yourself a break from the constant tinkering, tweaking and fixing. Just let things be for a moment. Give things some space. Let go of all the emotions that are causing you to spin your wheels.

Right now you’re okay and being here is just fine. And if you’re in a situation that truly needs to change, step back and breathe with it. Then come up with ways that you can find some peace. And if you can’t do it alone, get help.

We have to start working with what’s in front of us and stop living only in our imagination. It’s something we can give ourselves the permission to do. We don’t have to continue to swim in quicksand.

You have the capability to decide to change within. Accept your obstacles as your teachers, relax your mind and your heart and open up a bit.

The present moment misses you.

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