Why You Should Say Yes To Everything In 2017

It was a cold, dark and windy weekday night. One of those nights that I dread having to make a late night run, but I needed gas.

I stopped at the pump, opened the door and began filling the jeep with fuel. I stood there and gazed at a patch of pine trees in the distance.

I started to think…It’s too cold out. When is this wind going to stop? Did I pick the slowest pump here? I wish I got better gas mileage.

Then I caught myself. Those thoughts didn’t seem to be helping me. It felt like I was rubbing salt in the wound. It was cold and windy and taking forever to fill the tank, but why did I have to keep reminding myself and wishing things were different? That’s insane. And we all do it, all the time. It cant be healthy.

I decided that it would be easier on my mind and body to say yes to the situation, since saying no was only making it worse.

I actually started to feel relieved. Like I didn’t have to fight the situation tooth and nail. I appreciated being able to experience the moment, minus the extra chatter.

When we say no to life we’re not only closing the door on our direct experience, but we’re also distancing ourselves from being able to see our problems clearly because our vision is clouded by incessant thinking and resistance.

2016 was a wild year. We can all agree on that. That’s why in 2017 we need to start saying yes to how screwed up things are. We can’t keep denying whats happening and arguing over opinions if we want to fix things. Shaking our heads and chalking it up to hard times isn’t going to help either.

Change starts with each one of us. On a personal level. There are things we wish were different and there’s nothing wrong with having aspirations. But in order to get from here to there, we have to accept where we’re at. Then we can drop our resistance, free up our energy and focus on creating new intentions.

Appreciate the fact that you see the need for change. Respect your deep seeded desire to see yourself and others free from all of this stress and suffering.

As hard as it’s going to be, try to say yes to 2017 and everything that comes with it. It’s what we need.

Happy New Year.

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