Standing Like a Tree

“I listen with my heart. I struggle with the reflexes of my mind. And the pains of life are sharper now but disappear more clearly the way knives are swallowed by the sea”

– Mark  Nepo

As we open, we become more vulnerable. In a way, this vulnerability forces us to become limber. Like a tree, we flex and sway in the winds of adversity. Our ability to bend allows our roots to stay intact, providing us with nourishment instead of toppling us over and cutting us off from our source. We no longer have to fight the storms as they arise. We simply see them, allow them to work their way through our branches and acknowledge their passing.

If we begin to approach our problems with curiosity and openness, we can learn about ourselves through the challenges they present. Instead of insurmountable difficulties, our issues become a much smaller portion of our awareness. We feel more deeply, without getting consumed. We experience and let go, rather than experience and hold on.

No matter how persistent our mind is in its attempt to disturb our calm, if we stand upright like a tree, leaning and tilting, we’ll always spring back just in time to catch the sun as it begins to peer through an opening in the clouds.

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