Start Creating The Right Conditions

In the land of K-cups and 1-click buying, it’s only natural that we’ve grown to favor all things quick and simple.

So, are you implying we do away with shopping on Amazon Prime 4 days before Christmas?

No, not exactly. I’m saying, in a world where quality outlasts quantity, being fixated on immediacy and effortlessness doesn’t often lead to the best results.

Yesterday I read Seth Godin’s post Prep, spec, fit and finish and two things came to mind:

  1. He’s right
  2. It’s all about creating the right conditions

He’s writing as it relates to business. The amount of effort put into preparation, spec’ing, fitting and finishing is what determines the quality of the results. Since I know nothing about business, I’ll stick to the context of life.

If you’re an angry person, do you expect to wake up tomorrow morning as a happy person? I hope not, because it’s (probably) not going to happen. You have to prepare. You have to develop a method (or use someone else’s) of working with of your anger and eventually letting it go. You have to lay some groundwork before you achieve the desired results.

How do you go about creating the right conditions?

Do things that allow for the better outcomes. I practice mindfulness meditation so that I can cultivate awareness and catch myself before my anger, frustration, fear [place emotion of your choice here], takes me over.

Try meditation, yoga, running, mindful eating, or whatever you think might work. If you’re not sure, do some research. You’ll find something. The what isn’t important, it’s only important that you try.

I’m not sure if perfection exists, but if it does, it lies in the preparation. It lies in the moments we devote to creating conditions that allow us, our businesses and our world, to flourish.

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