How The Little Things Make A Big Difference

I don’t remember the first time I had coffee, but I imagine it was gross.

Or maybe I added a bunch of cream and sugar to mask the bitterness.

I’m not sure, I was probably 12.

I’ve never really liked coffee. I can’t seem to get it to taste right. It’s either liquid candy or dirt.

But sometimes I drink it to fit in with the aficionados. A hot cup of joe next to my computer as I write makes me feel important.

I can’t deny that it packs a pretty nice energy boost. And the smell of hazelnut is wonderful.

Still, I’m not a big fan.

I’m stuck on the classic stuff that I’ve always liked. At least that’s what my girlfriend says.

Old cars, vanilla ice cream, black and white sneakers.

I’ve never put in the effort to experiment and create my perfect cup. I just assume it’s not for me.

I added it to the “do not like” list. I do that a lot.

We all have our favorites. The things we never stray far from. Our safe zones.

And sometimes they hold us back. They keep us from exposing ourselves to new things and new ways.

Our little habit of staying in our comfort zone and living by assumption, snowballs into the larger portions of our lives.

We stick to what’s familiar and become afraid change, too nervous to switch things up.

We keep jobs we hate. We stay with people that hate us. Our sense of strength crumbles.

All because we fear the unknown.

But we can’t grow without experimenting. Testing and trying is what creates our sense of curiosity and discovery.

Just like when we were kids. We knew how to try things and we knew how to give second chances.

We just have to start small, then build our confidence from there.

Newness can bring freshness to life. Getting past the fear is the hard part.

I’ve been experimenting with coffee this week and it’s starting to taste a bit better.

Medium roast, coconut milk, cinnamon and coconut sugar.

Or maybe it’s all in my head.

All we can do is try.