The 3 Breath Reset

“Life is too important to take seriously.”

– Oscar Wilde

Here’s a little exercise to help reset and ground yourself. It’s useful throughout the day during overwhelming or stressful situations. It works best with your eyes closed, but if you’re doing something that requires you to see (e.g. driving) feel free to try it with your eyes open. Go into the practice with an openness and understanding that you are overwhelmed or stressed and that you are returning to the present moment to gain some relief and clarity.

Take 3 deep breaths through your nose.

Breathing in, breathing out – 1

Breathing in, breathing out- 2

Breathing in, breathing out- 3

Carry the word in (iiiin) and out (oooout) for the full length of each breath. On the in breath, draw in as much air as possible and on the out breath, empty your lungs completely. As you breathe , try to be aware of the way each breath affects your body. You may feel a tickle in your nose, your torso expanding, or your belly rising and falling. Whatever it may be, try to become aware and rooted in your body and breathing. This will help you slow down and release some of the built up tension in your mind and body.

Remember, in certain situations it’s ok to let go. Things will work out fine, even when we decide to step back and avoid anxiously intervening.

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