The Cool

I was doing my best to drive without turning on the A/C.

It was 86 and humid. In the sun it felt like 100.

I always feel compelled to stay in contact with what’s outside. At least, as much as I can bare.

Then as I drove along with my arm out of the window, I felt an unusually cool breeze. I couldn’t help but smile.

It came right as I passed a lot full of trees. It seemed as if they had something to say.

A subtle reminder from the world that even in the heat of the moment, there’s more than just heat.

The coolness still exists and we don’t have to find it. All we have to do is pay attention and it finds us.

And only by feeling the heat and remaining present, are we able to realize that our freedom lies within our ability to be here and now.

I wouldn’t have felt that wonderful breeze without first moving through the unbearable heat.

Yes, the breeze would still have been there, but I wouldn’t have been there for it. My mind would have been elsewhere. Probably trying to find a way to escape the sun.

Somehow it’s the heat that melts away our hard, stubborn outer layer and exposes us to the peace that exists even in the midst of all the fire.

So as you move through your day, remember that the parts of your life that feel too hot to touch, won’t be hot forever. And if you can learn to wisely embrace them, you’ll begin to feel that cool breeze sooner or later.

Pay attention, because your life is speaking to you. You just have to remember to keep listening.

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