The Holistic Approach

“People are pieces of shit”. A classic Monday morning conversation.

The type of conversations that use to frustrate me. To a certain degree, they still do.

I know no one really wants to feel that way about others. We just want answers for why people do some of the crazy things they do.

So we point fingers and find easy targets. We focus in on a single person, group, race, religion, orientation, ethnicity, etc. “They” are the problem.

But we’re not seeing the bigger picture and without seeing the bigger, picture we’ll never find a solution.

We’re missing the fact that our problems and the problems of our society are much wider.

Taking narrow-minded actions will only continue the cycle.

We should follow a more holistic approach that allows for progress and creates peace. An approach that opens us up to seeing that our problems are the results of many causes and conditions. Not just one single thing, person or group.

If we step back, reflect and investigate, we can see what’s really going on. Then we can get to the source of what causes us to go astray, turn on one another or spread hatred.

As we identify the causes (the emotions, the attachments, the unskillful thinking) of our struggles, we can begin to create different conditions for our lives. Conditions that promote health, happiness, well-being and compassion for ourselves and others.

This is something each of us can practice on a personal level.

We no longer have to become frustrated and wonder why our society seems to go from bad to worse. The answer is simple. It’s because we are misdiagnosing our problems.

Seeing the entire picture and approaching that picture holistically is the cure.

Create a habit of broadening your perspective and digging a bit deeper when you encounter personal challenges or challenges between yourself and others.

Remember that all of the obstacles in your life are made up of many parts. Break them down and see them for what they truly are.

Be curious. See the layers that exist in all things. Become familiar with just how connected all of us are.

Then watch as all the knots that seemed permanent and impossible begin to unravel before your eyes.

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