To Me. To You. To Us.

You are not your mind, your body or your emotions. You are the viewer, weaving a relationship with each entity, without being defined by one. Mindfully you dance your way through experience, being careful not to get too deep or too detached. You’re centered. Walking a tightrope, you extend both arms, in an effort to keep your balance. You realize that balance is a mixture of left, right and center. You’re opening to include all three.

You’ve learned that many aspects of your life can be embraced, rather than excluded. You’re feeling more whole than you’ve ever felt before. Something feels right, even when nothing seems right. You’re cherishing the journey, and you’re in love with the present. Hold it all lightly, because every moment is a new beginning.

I wrote this letter to myself and it made me think of you. We’re all so uniquely similar. Take it easy on yourself, because since you’re like me, I know you need a break. ❤

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