Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Last weekend I was in New York and while I was there, I visited the 9/11 memorial. As I walked up to where the buildings once stood, my chest started to feel heavy. I could feel the pain in the air.

I looked at all the names engraved in stone and I couldn’t help but see the paradox. Young children playing, enjoying ice cream, brand new to life, in the same spot where so many people lost their lives sooner than necessary.

Life and death. Young and old. Today, tomorrow and yesterday. Right in front of us.

I wonder why we have such a hard time treating each other well, as if all this is going to last forever.

And I wonder why we get stuck in our ways, as if tomorrow isn’t a new day.

I’m not sure if we’re really paying attention. Because if we were, we’d probably treat ourselves, each other and our planet a little differently.

I just want you to ask yourself one thing before you take action “Would I want this for the world?”.

Live your life like the bird that leads the flock. Not flying too high or low, never steering the group into danger. Hoping to get there safely and together, the same way you left.

Love starts with you. No ones going to make the change for us. No matter how well they sell us their big idea or plan. It’s unrealistic.

No massive change will ever happen if we don’t make the little changes within our own lives to get the ball rolling.

Start right where you’re sitting.

Theres just as much happiness, as there is doom and gloom, which one do you prefer? I hope happiness.

If so, cultivate it and share it. We all need something to smile about.

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