The Only Way To Change Your Habits

Last year I set a goal to eat less chocolate. Then on day 1, I failed.

I went to work that morning and by noon I was face to face with the glistening golden wrapper of a Twix bar. I dropped 4 quarters into the vending machine and smirked as the Twix fell to where I could reach it. After that, I scratched that goal off my list. I didn’t think I could do it. Chocolate was my favorite.

That’s why I never get too excited about goals or New Years resolutions. Most of them don’t get achieved or accomplished because we carry along old habits and expect new results, which never works.

Setting goals is more than just writing aspirations down on paper. There are fundamental habits that we have to change in order to achieve something other than the ordinary.

But who wants to change their habits? It’s way too hard. The only time that I change habits is when I hit what I call a “mini rock bottom” and get burned out with whatever it is that I’m doing.

So our only hope is to learn how to hit rock bottom faster by paying attention and honoring ourselves.

I was finally able to cut back on eating sweets after my doctor mentioned that it was contributing to my anxiety. That was the last straw. I was willing to give up something good for something better. My anxiety was driving me nuts. It was a mini rock bottom moment.

I realized that I had to change the way I treated myself and my body if I wanted to get back on track. I had to honor myself. I could have ignored his advice. I could have kept believing my own lies and excuses, but I was paying attention and noticed that my nonsense was no longer serving me.

Sometimes we treat our desires with too much respect. We give them the power to rule us. That’s no way to live.

I wish I had better advice, but I don’t. When you get burned out, you’ll want to change. For some of us, that’s just the way it is.

Changing habits is possible, it’s just a pain in the ass. There’s nothing more challenging than uprooting our patterns, but it’s worth it. Cut yourself some slack.

It felt good to be able to give up chocolate for a while because I was back in control of my mind and actions.

I still suck at changing habits, I’m like a wave pool. Good for a while, then I fall back into to my old ways. You’re not the only one. That’s life.

It’s a slow upward journey. Things will change at some point, you just have to be ready for it.

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