What’s The Key To Courage?

I’ve been trying to put my finger on it. This new found courage that I had nothing to do with creating.

It’s not something that I’ve been intentionally trying to build. All I’ve been doing is experimenting. Not with courage, but with exposing myself to fear.

The more I’ve exposed myself, the less daunting it seems. Then this mysterious courage started showing up.

You’re telling me that your fear is actually helping you build your courage?

As ironic as it sounds, yes.

I’ve been trying to get to know fear a little bit better. Courage has been a byproduct.

But getting to know fear is challenging. It means that we have to let go of our incessant thinking and sit with the emotion itself.

All of the thinking around the emotion is unnecessary. It just pushes us deeper into the hole and taunts us with all of the reasons why we can’t do something.

When we let go of our unskillful thinking, everything is a possibility instead of impossible.

We just have to convince ourselves to let go. That’s the key to finding courage. It’s behind all of the stuff floating around in our minds.


How do we convince ourselves?


By paying attention.

We have to notice when we become caught in our thinking. It’s very mischievous. If we allow it to run wild, it can persuade us into believing that there’s nothing we can accomplish.

That’s a dangerous place to live.

We have to practice being aware. As we learn to do this, our minds begin to understand what is useful and what isn’t. It’s like getting burned. When you find the source of the heat, you learn quickly where not to put your hands.

The mind works in a similar way. It’s not as quick, but a natural unraveling happens. All the habitual thinking that isn’t skillful begins to fade. Your mind decides not to take those routes because they don’t provide anything of benefit.

Over time, the convincing happens automatically. The more we pay attention, the clearer things become. The more clear we see things, the easier it is for our minds to decide what truly serves us.

If you want to pursue your dreams and desires, you need courage. Hoping without taking action is engrained in our culture. Courage gives us the power to go against the grain.

And it’s already sitting within you right now. All you have to do is pay attention, let go and allow it to surface. Open to the encouragement.

Your strength is in the mirror. Polish the glass, see what’s there and let it shine.

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